Ohfab presents a luxurious line of heirlooms ofor the upcoming wedding season.

With design inspirations that go as far back a century, the Ohfab Bridal collection collects a myriad of exquisite Indian techniques that span the country. Ohfab's intricate hand work and emphasis on jewel tones makes for a luxurious line of heirlooms for brides and their families.

The Ohfab bridal collection is the best pick for ethnicity and tradition that reflects in the fabrics, textures and designs.

" Handwoven purity, understated elegance and rich brocade are the toppings in an Ohfab bridal saree. It's the amalgamation of gold with vibrant traditional colours that make the bridal couture stand out in royalty, elegance and sophistication.

Ohfab has Medhavi, Nazm, Sampann, Sindoori, Boond, Vasanti, Ibadat and Niloofer

The bridal order is personalised, the founders take care of every little detail of the final product.

The time required is 2 - 6 months

To book bridal appointments : contact - Aanchal Sagar at or 9901377200